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Ignorance is bliss. This is not so much a slogan, but instead a command, a command delivered from the highest of powers, from power itself. Ignorance is bliss does not denote any sort of truth or reveal any hidden functionings of life, it is a deceitful metanarrative not forced onto the population, but handed to them with a smile. Time and time again we are reminded to remain ignorant, we are kept distracted, products keep piling up, penetrating our souls with soulless consumption. To remain ignorant is to relinquish power, to remain ignorant is to cut yourself off from reality, to recede into an imaginary world of your own creation. Ignorance is bliss, but only for the colonizer. Those who must suffer under a tyrannical reign of systemic oppression should fear ignorance not embrace it. They are told to remain ignorant, to remain blissful and innocent, do not concern yourself with the petty affairs of politics, they tell us, concern yourself with only laboring and the good gracious of god. Be thankful you were gifted this rarity of human life, the most extraordinarily beautiful existence one could ask for. This is the metanarrative we are fed. Remain ignorant, remain stupid, let others think for you.
The “intelligent” and the “idiotic” are separated through an arbitrary division of labor whereby one must choose physical manual labor or intellectual labor, this division purely exists for economic efficiency and has no basis in our true humanity. Intelligence is not a quality of the human mind, instead it is the forced socialization of one person into their respective social class. To be intelligent is the worst ignorance of all, sacrificing their bodily functionings for security and comfort. To remain intelligent, speaking only through words and not actions, is to remain ignorant. To be stupid, allowing your actions to be caught up in a machine of artificial-intelligence, is also to remain ignorant. Do not let the ruling caste deceive you, you are much more than a neurochemical communication, and likewise you are also constituted by something greater than a mere physical body. To pigeonhole yourself to a particular mind-body duality, to sacrifice your true complete autonomy for the good gracious of a supposedly benevolent dictator, this is what it means to be ignorant.


from The Many Faces Behind a Single Mask, released February 14, 2016